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Staropramen brewery

  • Distance from the B&B: 0.5 km

Beer lovers can visit the world-famous Staropramen brewery that is located only about 500 m away from the B&B. Once at the brewery, visitors can stop by the Visitor Center and try the beer at the brewery's own restaurant.


  • Distance from the B&B: 1.4 km

Take a little walk and cross the railway bridge right behind the B&B. You will be rewarded by the sight of one of the most memorable places of this nation. Vyšehrad offers one of the most beautiful panoramas of the old continent. You can also visit the Martin's Casemates, Vyšehrad's famous cemetery Slavín and other sights there.

Historical center

  • Distance from the B&B: 3 km

15 minutes and four metro stops: that is what it takes to get to Wenceslas Square. From there, most of the sights of the Old Town are walking distance. You can go to Old Town Square, the National Museum, the Jewish Town, etc.

Karlštejn Castle

  • Travel time: 1 hour by train

Why don't you take a direct train from the station 100 m away from the B&B and make a day trip to Karlštejn, the most visited castle in this country? Regular train lines will take you to the settlement at the foot of Karlštejn in less than an hour.

Nový Smíchov – Anděl Shopping Mall

  • Distance from the B&B: 1 km

One metro stop or a 10-minute' walk away, there is a place which the locals call Anděl (Angel) and where you can find many clubs and restaurants including the Nový Smíchov shopping mall.


Nový Smíchov